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4 Ways in Which International Air Freight Is a Better Choice for Your Customers

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 07-Dec-2017 16:23:58

International air freight is generally considered the most aligned, secure, fastest and reliable transportation mode. Both the practices of airlines and government rules and regulations streamline cargo operations, making it a preferred option for many operations managers.

Opting for international air freight can also be a better choice in terms of your customers’ priorities ensuring fast deliveries, secure carriage, real-time tracking and an ability to access most major global markets.

Keep reading and discover four ways in which international air freight is a better choice for your customers and can assist operations managers enhancing customer service.

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5 Ways To Improve The Shipping Of High-Value Goods With Air Freight

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 30-Nov-2017 10:42:20

(5 min read)

High-value goods are one of the most critical shipping items and require particular care in terms of handling. Any unforeseen circumstance can send your air freight schedule off-track, such as goods being moved between carriers, or loading bays. Cargo being detained during customs clearance or delayed in customs warehousing. It’s enough to give a logistics manager nightmares! The solution is having door-to-door visibility of your cargo’s movements and control throughout the shipping cycle, without adding unnecessary costs.

Read on to learn how to improve the security of shipping high-value and valuable goods, minimise the stress involved and ensure your customers are satisfied.

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How Can Australian Freight Forwarding Companies Change Your Shipping Arrangements?

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 23-Nov-2017 13:09:25

(6 min read)

There may be some operations managers for SMEs that wonder what it is Australian freight forwarding companies do differently and how they can add value to a company’s freight operations.

People may think freight forwarding is clearly defined and easy to manage in-house. However, diving a little deeper it can often be seen that there can be glitches in performance, deficiencies in operations, distorted landed costs and errors in management.

Realistically, getting shipping right requires extensive knowledge of the sector, a professional team, best available technology and industry experience.

This is exactly what freight forwarding companies possess, and provide as part of their service package on the basis of economical monthly charges.

Read on to discover how freight forwarding companies can change your approach to shipping and enhance it both financially and operationally.

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How to Keep International Freight Moving When Facing Extreme Weather Conditions

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 16-Nov-2017 09:24:43

(6 min read)

Over the past months, numerous extreme weather conditions have shaken up the international freight forwarding industry – causing major delays for international cargo and tremendous difficulties for many Australian companies. 

Just recently, stevedores in Sydney and other cities had to shut down due to extreme winds. In October, Germany faced one of its worst hurricanes, causing massive destruction across the whole country. The USA and Puerto Rico were hit by Hurricane Maria in September, also leaving major chaos in its wake.  Adelaide and South Australia faced damaging winds and heavy rainfalls in August, causing flooding to several areas of the state. These are only a few to name, and with the Northern Hemisphere Winter at our doorstep, further disruptions can be expected. Even when these severe weather events do not occur in Australia, they still have a significant impact on international freight forwarding.

No matter if you are a CEO or an Operations Manager, you may wonder how your supply chain can be prepared for incidents like these? How to ensure the delivery of your customers’ goods, and what proactive measures can be utilised to secure the supply chain in the face of adverse weather events?

Read on to learn about proactive measures that you can take for your international freight forwarding tasks before, during and following severe weather conditions.

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5 Ways Air Freight Enables You to Reach Your Customers Faster

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 02-Nov-2017 10:36:00

(4 min read)

As a logistics manager in a competitive marketplace, John knows that to make his company stand out; the faster products can reach customers the better. This is why he sees the value in air freight. Especially when emergencies occur and cargo is needed even quicker or planes are delayed, knowing how to act can give you a clear head start.

With air port locations all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and many more, air freight is the choice of transport for urgent cargo.

Read on to learn five ways Australian air freight can assist you in reaching your customers faster and fulfil orders efficiently and smoothly.


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[Update] International Sea Freight Market to/from Australia - October 2017

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 26-Oct-2017 10:56:21

 (7 min read)

Welcome to the October edition of the BCR Global Market Update in international sea freight going to/coming from Australia.

With peak season being upon us, space keeps being tight and rates keep going up on many trade lanes. Northeast Asia is feeling the aftermaths of Golden Week and the carriers are trying to use it to their advantage.

In this quick update learn about the current conditions of the international sea freight market for major trade lanes including Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe.


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5 Common Mistakes in Managing Sea Freight and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 19-Oct-2017 13:51:42

(5 min read)

International shipping might be an everyday task for logistics managers, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one! Increasing loads, tight delivery schedules, shipping criticalities, operational challenges and the jungle of red tape and regulations keep everyone on their toes. At the same time said challenges don't leave much time to focus on common mistakes or how to fix them.

The risks of not doing so though include potential instability in sea freight operations. It has an impact on transit times, costs, customer satisfaction and the logistics manager’s own job performance.

Read on to learn about five common mistakes often made when managing sea freight – and how you can overcome them and ensure smooth sailing.


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[­Company Sales Targets] How Operations Managers Can Assist

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 10-Oct-2017 07:52:00

(4 min read)

Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar global organisation or a local small business, meeting sales targets is always a number one priority. While it is a core KPI for sales managers, the ability to meet their goals depends greatly on the operations and logistics managers.

Some operations and logistics managers might not appreciate just how much influence they can have beyond the primary goal of achieving lowest cost logistics. By looking at how air freight can meet sales demand when needed, and gaining a deeper understanding of potential issues including costs, processes and limitations on cargo, when demand runs high fast freight carriage solutions can be implemented and sales targets met.

Read on to learn how air freight’s fast turnaround, accessibility, frequency and flexibility can assist your sales colleagues succeed in keeping your company’s customers satisfied.

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5 Genius Ways to Overcome Peaks and Troughs Using Sea Freight

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 04-Oct-2017 07:19:00

(5 min read)

One of the biggest challenges for any business owner is managing fluctuations in demand and the peaks and troughs that result. In peak seasons, the mission for the supply chain manager is to ensure sufficient products are flowing to customers to meet demand. When a trough occurs, controlled and efficient inventory planning is essential to avoid issues such as obsolete inventory and the subsequent locking up of capital.

To overcome these potential problems, the supply chain needs to be flexible, and provide cost-effective, timely supply and control of product flow. Sea freight can meet these requirements if it is used cleverly and planned carefully. The services of an experienced sea freight forwarder can be invaluable in ensuring the optimum outcome.

Read on to learn about how changes in demand may impact your freight operations and how best to ride the peaks and troughs successfully.

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How Proactive Communication from a Freight Forwarder Benefits Your Business

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 26-Sep-2017 10:32:00

Being well-informed is essential for any business, particularly when you are managing a supply chain that involves freight movements. Not having timely information can not only generate an additional workload, it can also increase costs, delay deliveries and leave customers unsatisfied.

Proactive communication from your freight forwarder is the key to confidence and to navigating unforeseen challenges including space constraints, port congestion, changes to regulations or charges and supply chain bottlenecks. When you are kept informed, it gives you a chance to organise your way around problematic situations and protect your profitability.

Read on to learn how proactive communication from a freight forwarder can boost business confidence and assist you to avoid potential pitfalls and additional costs.

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