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7 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Freight Forwarding Operations

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 27-Apr-2017 16:22:48

Whether you are a new business in need of freight forwarding services or an established one already working with a freight forwarder, you need to pay attention to the freight forwarder set-up to ensure that you receive maximum value for your investment. Freight constitutes a large part of overall supply chain costs and focusing on it can improve your profits. It’s important that you see it as a strategic part of your business and spend time in setting-it up right so as to save time and resources later on.

Proactively working with your freight forwarder in setting the expectations and processes upfront can save you time, energy and money. Leading CEOs and Logistics Managers understand this and ensure that they engage their freight partners at the right level at the beginning of relationship to get the desired results. Even if you have been using freight forwarding partners for quite some time, it’s not too late to use these powerful tips to improve your freight forwarding operations.

Read on to learn 7 powerful tips which can assist you in improving your freight operation and save your business money.

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Sea Freight or Air Freight: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 11-Apr-2017 10:18:48

Choosing the best transportation medium for your cargo can be challenging. This decision can have a profound impact on your business and your customers. Both air freight and sea freight have their advantages and disadvantages and the selection of the best shipping mode requires knowledge of each medium and the corresponding pros and cons. The first instinct of many Logistics and Operations Managers is to compare costs while considering transit time. However, along with these two factors, additional factors such as size, volume and the nature of the shipment should be considered. Leading managers know that a professional freight forwarder in Australia will take all of these factors into consideration and assist you in choosing the best shipping mode based on your requirements.

Read on to learn 4 questions to ask yourself that will assist you to choose the best-suited transportation medium between sea freight and air freight.

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[Update] What are Destination Charges in the Freight Forwarding and Shipping Industry?

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 05-Apr-2017 13:10:01

When it comes to destination charges and other components of freight forwarding and shipping invoices we understand that many questions arise. Why does the setup of invoices vary so drastically between different Australian freight forwarding companies? Why are there different charges and costs with different freight forwarders? Are destination charges negotiable? And how much are actual destination charges?

These are only some of the questions we hear from customers and prospects which is why I decided to pick up this topic again. I have previously written about destination charges and this will be an update of the last blog

Read on to learn about destination charges in the freight forwarding industry, what they mean and why they seem to vary between different freight forwarders in Australia.

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4 Crucial Benefits You Get With Air Freight Australia

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 29-Mar-2017 10:28:00

Air freight is the fastest, the most reliable and also the most expensive transportation mode. Effective management of this mode requires flawless planning, efficient management and professional skills. Further, to ensure the objectives of order fulfilment and business growth, it is important that nothing should go wrong in the air freight process.

Management of air freight services requires knowledge of processes, understanding of goods-specific requirements, an extensive operations network and an experienced team. Working with freight forwarders with fewer resources is likely to bring continuous hassles, lower service levels and more service failures. Growing Australian businesses need a professional air freight forwarder that they can have confidence in to assist them in meeting business goals. Experienced freight forwarders provide speed and accuracy, cargo-specific knowledge, a dynamic network as well as a high level of customer service and reliability. Engaging an experienced and professional air freight forwarder will assist you in achieving your goals much more easily.

Read on to know how these 4 benefits make your air freight operation flawlessly smooth.

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Beware - Increased Infrastructure and Toll Costs are Here

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 17-Mar-2017 13:11:41

At BCR, as a freight forwarder, customs broker and 3PL provider, we understand how challenging it can be to stay up to date with the frequent changes that happen within the sea freight, air freight and freight forwarding industry. To assist Logistics Managers and Managing Directors, we regularly update the market on the most relevant and the most important changes. In this blog, we will update you on changes that start coming into effect 1 April. These changes, which relate to increased surcharges from container terminals and toll road operators, are likely to impact all freight forwarding customers, any company that imports/exports to and from Australia and any business that uses the road network in Sydney and Melbourne.

Read on to learn what is changing so that you and your business can be prepared.

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5 Must Know Facts about 3PL for Business Owners

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 10-Mar-2017 13:50:47

3PL companies provide cost effective, end-to-end supply chain logistics services to businesses. The services offered by 3PL providers include warehousing, freight forwarding, domestic transportation, customs clearance and value-added services. Many business owners and CEOs in Australia get the most out of their logistics with the assistance of professional 3PL providers. However, before you first engage with a 3PL company, there are a few facts to be aware of and some misconceptions that need to be clarified. Some common misconceptions associated with aligning with a third-party logistics company include increased overall costs, more hectic work, business security breaches and losing control over logistics operations.

However, in most cases, outsourcing to a 3PL provider assists in making a business more organised, efficient and profitable. The expertise and resources available from a third-party logistics provider assist in reducing overall costs and free up your in-house resources which enables you and your team to focus on growth plans for your business.

Read on to learn 5 facts about third-party logistics providers and how they can enable the growth of your company.

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Improve Supply Chain Versatility Today with 3PL Brisbane

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 03-Mar-2017 10:00:00

Excellent customer service is vital for the success of any business today, whether in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or any city in Australia.

Fulfilment of customer expectations and needs alongside management of costs, inventory and operational issues are essential, and require a versatile supply chain. Versatility allows your business to shape and mould according to evolving customer requirements.

Managing and maintaining a versatile supply chain in-house can be a costly and challenging task. Providers of 3PL Brisbane have been long-trusted to bring business customers economic solutions. Outsourcing your warehousing and or freight forwarding to a 3PL Brisbane will bring versatility to your supply chain, including versatile warehousing, technologies, transport solutions and value-added services.

Read on to discover how 3PL Brisbane increases business versatility and customer satisfaction.

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Quick Freight Forwarder Update: Learn the Vital Changes to Packing Declarations and Container Damage Reports

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 21-Feb-2017 16:23:28

As an international freight forwarder and 3PL provider, we are focused on being a source of information on matters that impact our valued customers. In this short update, quickly learn about the new format for packing declarations (mandatory to use by June 2017) and a change in container damage reports.



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International Freight Forwarding Update: February 2017

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 14-Feb-2017 14:54:40

Chinese New Year 2017 is coming to a close and the international freight forwarding market is again in flux. For imports, blank sailings have been announced as the demand for sea freight space declines, and for exports, a lack of 20’ food quality (FQ) containers is frustrating exporters.  Read on to quickly learn about the international sea freight import market and export equipment.

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Can Air Freight Australia Assist You In Meeting Your Deadlines? Yes!

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 03-Feb-2017 10:30:00

Competition, globalisation and ease of substitution have increased the complexity for Logistics Managers in Australia. They know that every missed deadline has a direct impact on the sales, brand image and business growth. Therefore, they are always under pressure when it comes to the selection of the best transportation mode to deliver their cargo securely and within the deadlines. Of the options for the transportation of products, the use of air freight to and from Australia is the best option if the goods must be delivered in a minimum timeframe. It is frequently used for carrying urgent, sensitive and time bound deliveries. Also, consider that it is the most expensive option and hence has to deliver on the purpose, which is mainly to meet the deadline. Smart business managers know that with features like high reliability, a large network, high availability and the availability of professional air freight forwarders in Australia, airfreight is the ideal transportation mode to fuldeliver their cargo on time.


Read on to learn more about on the features and services available with airfreight in Australia and how this freight forwarding service can assist you in meeting your deadline.

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