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4 Ways A 3PL Provider May Keep Your SME From Extinction

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 20-Oct-2016 12:54:55

The days of "one company doing it all" may be numbered. In todays highly competitive market where specialisation is the key, executing all business functions in house may not lead to success. Outsourcing business activities to an experienced partner can give a company a leg-up in these highly competitive times. Especially when dealing with such fundamental operations like warehousing that has undergone drastic changes and improvements in recent years.

Numerous Multi-National Companies (MNCs) are already outsourcing their warehousing to 3PL and logistics providers. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly doing the same, as they understand staying ahead in this business area requires an uneconomic amount of captial, in-depth knowledge and experienced staff. Keeping it in-house may lead to a slow and painful extinction of the entire company.

Read on to learn 4 ways how 3PLs, can assist your business with warehouse optimisation that assists your business to stay lean and may save you from extinction.

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Quick Asbestos Update for Sea Freight and Air Freight Imports

Posted by Craig Cowin on 12-Oct-2016 16:15:38

BCR is a 3PL provider and freight forwarding company that manages sea freight and air freight shipments in and out of Australia and the rest of the world on behalf of business customers. Part of our focus is to keep the market and our customers up to date on issues that may impact their air freight, sea freight and the speedy customs clearance of their shipments to and from Australia. We are noticing many more sea freight and air freight shipments are being held at the time of customs clearance as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) conduct their risk assessment regarding the presence of asbestos. If required, DIBP may direct imported goods for asbestos testing in Australia, at the importer’s expense. This will likely result in lengthy and expensive delays and if asbestos is detected, the goods will be forfeited to the crown. Re-exportation is not an option.

Read on to learn more on the increased focus on imports that might contain asbestos and how you can be prepared.

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6 Secrets To Optimise Air Freight Shipments

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 05-Oct-2016 10:21:03

The management of air freight can be complicated and requires specific freight forwarding skills and knowledge. Negotiating with air freight suppliers and performing each task in a timely manner is just the start.
Air Freight and Freight Forwarding Managers can improve their air freight operations with a bit of inside knowledge. This includes efficient cargo packaging, knowledge of flight routes and transhipment points, advance cargo planning, an annual contract with your freight forwarder, cargo consolidation and errorless documentation. It can assist you to save time, cost and effort and make most out of air freight.

Read on to learn 6 secrets every business manager should know to improve their air freight operations.

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4 Things a 3PL Melbourne Will Deliver within the Implementation Process

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 30-Sep-2016 15:15:36

In today’s fast paced market environment, businesses are constantly implementing new things. Whether it is a supply chain strategy, technology or business process, to achieve the best results the implementation should be in perfect alignment with the overall business strategies. This requires three things: efficient management, control, and resources. Abandoning any one of these factors is likely to lead to unsatisfactory results. Not surprisingly, many times business managers find a variance in outcomes compared to original plans.
With warehousing, an efficient layout, a skilled work force, technology and inventory norms are all important items that need to be implemented impeccably. All these factors are very specific to each individual business and so is the implementation process for each individual business.

While many businesses in Australia continue to manage their warehousing in-house, at BCR, we are seeing an increasing number of businesses shifting to an outsourced model. 3PL providers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth and all over Australia have proficient skills, experience and resources to implement strategies according to customers’ individual requirements and within timelines that meet customer requirements.

Read on to learn 4 valuable things a 3PL in Melbourne will deliver within the implementation process.

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How Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers Eliminate Supply Chain Complexity

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 22-Sep-2016 14:13:34

Supply chain is a complex function and businesses frequently encounter challenges at operational, tactical and strategic levels. Demand-supply gap, demand fluctuation, change in either government or market policies, incomplete processes and deficient management are the key factors driving this complexity. The consequences of a complex supply chain can vary from time-consuming processes, unnecessary costs, lower productivity and low delivery rates. Consequences that are more significant include unfulfilled orders, dissatisfied customers and lost market share.

Complexity in a supply chain is unavoidable and this complexity should me managed in a professional manner. At operational and tactical levels, business in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or any other location in Australia need skilled labour, up to date technology and efficient management. At the strategic level, appropriate infrastructure, effective strategies and experience are mandatory. Tailor-made solutions provided by efficient third party logistics (3PL) providers in Australia assist in managing the complexities of supply chain at all levels.

Read on to learn how third party logistics (3PL) providers assist you to eliminate supply chain complexities that can improve customer satisfaction levels and assist with business growth.

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September Sea Freight Service Update: Rates Going up, but for How Long

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 16-Sep-2016 11:34:36

Welcome to the September edition of the BCR Global Market Update for sea freight services. The Hanjin crisis has increased confidence by carriers of sea freight services to levy increases across all trades and this will continue to impact on various costs throughout the supply chain. Hanjin creditors will take the opportunity to seize containers and use them as leverage in order to pay and clear outstanding debts. This will no doubt cause havoc as escalating costs are announced and passed down the supply chain.

Read on to learn more on the extremely dynamic import market conditions for sea freight services to Australia for major lanes including North East Asia, South East Asia, the United States and Europe. Plus, learn more on the Hanjin bankruptcy and how it is impacting on the market and increasing rates.

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3PL: Create More Market Opportunities with Third-Party Logistics

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 09-Sep-2016 13:37:21

Creating more market opportunities begins with identifying potential markets, customers and their unmet needs. Once market opportunities are identified, a strong supply chain service network is required to deliver products flawlessly. New methods are being innovated and introduced rapidly in the field of supply chain management that improve efficiency and productivity. For fast growth, businesses must be able to identify and implement these supply chain methods before their competitors do.

To assist in creating more market opportunities, 3PL providers in Australia offer services to assist with perfect order fulfilment and economic delivery, while offering access to modern information technology (IT) and a proven global network. Leading business managers in Australia know that in-house management of these services can be expensive and require additional time and energy. Alternatively, collaborating with an efficient 3PL provider in Australia allows business managers to focus on their core competency and spend more time and energy creating more market opportunities.

Read on to know how the services provided by a 3PL provider can assist you to create more market opportunities.

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4 Tactics to Manage Your Freight Forwarder

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 31-Aug-2016 12:03:51

Freight forwarding is vital to an increasing number of businesses in Australia. To achieve the desired result from you freight forwarding requires choosing the best freight forwarder for your business and efficient management of your freight forwarder. Common challenges encountered by shippers when working with their provider include inefficient information flow, delay in operational activities, frequent price fluctuations, sub-standard output and poor relationships with the freight forwarder. The good news is that you can eliminate these challenges and manage your freight forwarder more effectively by using a few tactics. These tactics include defining and communicating objectives from the start, signing yearly contracts, periodic performance evaluation and outsourcing under a single umbrella.

Read on to learn 4 tactics that can assist you to manage your freight forwarder more effectively and how improved freight forwarder management will assist you to achieve your business goals.

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3PL Melbourne: 5 Tactics to Develop a Fruitful Relationship with a 3PL Provider

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 26-Aug-2016 11:20:26

Successful 3PL outsourcing is not only about getting your work done, but also about creating a fruitful relationship with your provider of 3PL Melbourne. Whether you are experienced using the services of a 3PL provider, or just starting to consider outsourcing, building a strong relationship with your 3PL provider is essential to ensure success from outsourcing logistics. A strong relationship plays an important role while you continually work with your 3PL provider. It does not matter if you are focused on increasing the amount of work your 3PL provider completes for your business, aligning them to your strategic goals, gaining an increased commitment, or getting their best resources to work for you, the relationship with you have with your 3PL provider plays a very important part. Building this relationship takes time and positive experiences from both sides contribute to building the relationship. It involves doing many things correctly, such as having a mutually agreed contract (not one-sided), periodic evaluation, co-planning the future, creating open channels for communication, and management commitment. Building a long-term relationship requires trust, understanding, transparency and support from both parties and in return, provides benefits that include better throughput, hassle-free operations, happy customers and ultimately, an overall win-win for both sides.

Read on to learn 5 tactics that will assist you in developing a fruitful relationship with a 3PL Melbourne and how you can implement these into your business.


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Air Freight: 5 Facts Many Airfreight Quotes Leave Out

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 19-Aug-2016 10:30:00

Many freight forwarders provide air freight quotes that are not complete, comprehensive and clear. Receiving an invoice after your air freight shipment with extra charges that you did not know about is frustrating.
It is important as a Freight Forwarding or Logistics Manager to understand what your air freight shipment will cost so you can plan. Basic information such as freight rate, transit time and static charges are usually included. But some freight forwarding companies leave out additional charges that might be incurred either because they are not aware of them or sometimes on purpose.
Reasons to hide these additional potential charges could be either to reduce the risk perception or increase profit for the air freight forwarder.

These untold facts, if not dealt with proactively, have an impact on your air freight shipment and can be the core reason for cargo delays. In order to deliver your cargo on time and under the projected landed cost, it is important to have knowledge about these facts. Many times, a lack of awareness or over-trust makes business owners and logistics managers forget to ask about these facts. It is important to be informed and seek clarification from your freight forwarder to avoid surprises with your shipment.

Read on to learn 5 facts that can assist you to make a better air freight decision.

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