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6 Potential Shortfalls When Selecting a 3PL Logistics Provider

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 26-May-2016 11:41:55

In recent years, 3PL providers have come to play a larger role in assisting customers manage parts of their supply chains. Outsourcing to a 3PL logistics provider has many benefits, and with these benefits come new risks. These new risks are focused on shortfalls with the actual 3PL provider that has been selected. By understanding these risks, you can proactively identify them before they start to negatively impact on your supply chain and decrease the benefits that can be achieved by outsourcing.

Read onto learn 6 potential shortfalls to look out for when selecting a 3PL logistics provider.

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3PL Melbourne: 4 Warehousing Secrets

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 19-May-2016 17:09:57

Change is inevitable. Just because you are doing well today, does not mean the future will be the same. Likewise, the role of a warehouse in a supply chain has changed through the years. A warehouse is no longer simply a space to store goods. Instead, warehouses have become a facility that connect the upstream and downstream of a supply chain. Warehouses face product increased proliferation along with increased volumes of goods resulting in additional complexity. With each passing year, handling goods in less time and with less error has become one of the most critical challenges. By strictly maintaining the functions of a warehouse, you can optimise your space, order processing and shipping times. Providers of 3PL in Melbourne have adopted certain critical parameters to ensure that key deliverables are achieved with consistency.

Read on to learn 4 warehousing secrets adopted by providers of 3PL in Melbourne that can assist you to gain the maximum advantage from warehousing.

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Sea Freight Australia: Global Market Update – May 2016

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 12-May-2016 13:03:08

Welcome to the May edition of the BCR Global Market Update. Will this be the month that rates stabilise from NE Asia? Has the United States worked out how they will incorporate the new SOLAS verified gross mass weight requirement? Read on to learn about the import sea freight Australia market conditions for major lanes including North East Asia, South East Asia, the United States and Europe.

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4 Ways Freight Forwarding Influences Your Sales Forecast

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 05-May-2016 16:50:27

4_Ways_Freight_Forwarding_Influences_Your_Sales_Forecast_Shipping_container_BCR.jpgDemand forecasting is highly challenging in the dynamic and competitive business environment. Demand forecasting is also directly impacted by the accuracy of the sales forecast. Businesses understand that an accurate sales forecast can keep them ahead of their competitors and assist them to reduce cost and time and increase customer satisfaction. An erroneous sales forecast affects the entire supply chain by creating over stocking, stock out situations and increased storage costs. These can decrease customer satisfaction and have a direct impact on the brand image. With all this at stake, its essential that Supply Chain Managers understand the impact of freight forwarding operations on accurate sales forecasting and don't underestimate its importance over other factors. Many smart business owners in Australia are reducing costs, meeting their deadlines, optimizing inventory levels and accomplishing accurate sales forecasts by considering freight forwarding while forecasting. Freight forwarding is one of the main factors that cause variability in sales forecasting. Freight forwarding assists to define the replenishment cycle, landed cost, bottlenecks, inventory visibility and the appropriate mode of transportation. These factors assist in defining your safety stock, determining you shipping plans, optimising inventory levels, and can make your sales forecast more accurate and impactful.

Read on to learn 4 ways freight forwarding influences your sales forecast.

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Third Party Logistics (3PL): 5 Ways to Mitigate Your Supply Chain Risks

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 28-Apr-2016 14:20:58

Third_Party_Logistics_3PL_5_Ways_to_Mitigate_Your_Supply_Chain_Risks_BCR_risk_mitigation.jpgRisks are an inherent part of supply chain and over time, they have not diminished but rather widened across the entire network. Supply chain risks emanate across the supply chain over a wide range of issues starting from inter-organisational, supplier base, environmental, integration among supply chain partners and catastrophic disasters. While diversifying your supplier network will give flexibility and pace to your business, collaborating with the right suppliers ensures that you aren't compromising on the quality of suppliers’ goods. Proactive monitoring of material flow and deploying smart technological solutions will flash early warnings that allow companies to mitigate supply chain disruptions before operations and performance are negatively impacted. Today, third party logistics (3PL) providers have stepped forward to provide services that assist businesses in mitigating supply chain risk, thus becoming strategic partners for their customers. 

Read on to learn 5 ways in which third party logistics (3PL) providers can assist in supply chain risk mitigation.

Topics: Supply Chain Management, Logistics Information Technology (IT), Contract Logistics, Warehousing & 3PL

3PL Providers: Align Inventory Policies to Your Business Needs

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 26-Apr-2016 12:21:34

3PL_Providers_Align_Inventory_Policies_to_Your_Business_Needs_People_in_warehouse_BCR.jpgFor a business, inventory locks up substantial capital whether as raw materials or finished goods. Many times, the amount of capital locked in inventory is so substantial that managing inventory flow efficiently becomes highly critical to the survival of the business. This makes defining, documenting and aligning inventory policies throughout the entire supply chain crucial. Yet, adopting general inventory policies or defining them without analysing business requirements is very risky for a business and can produce results such as dead stock or frequent stock outs, high storage cost, puzzling accessibility, complicated warehouse processes, and increased TAT. Results such as these accumulate and have a negative impact on the business. In short, inventory policies are effective and beneficial for any business only when they are fulfilling business requirements. Successful business owners in Australia understand that experienced and established 3PL providers can assist them to analyse their supply chain requirements, and that they have the required knowledge to assist them define inventory policies and align them to their business needs.

Read on to learn more on inventory policies and how the experience and knowledge of 3PL providers can assist you in aligning your inventory policies to your business needs.

Topics: Contract Logistics, Warehousing & 3PL

Air Freight: 5 Ways to Ensure You Are Prepared For Fluctuations

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 22-Apr-2016 13:59:43

air_freight_Air_Freight_5_Ways_to_Ensure_You_Are_Prepared_For_Fluctuations_plane_with_cargo_BCR_333.jpgBy far, air freight is the fastest mode of transportation to and from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Air freight remains the choice of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Managers if products need to be delivered fast or if products are of high value. Certain factors such as limited space, safety rules, crude oil prices, local Government specific regulations, stuffing rules and restrictions create uncertain situations and fluctuations in the air freight market. For supply chain sustainability, it is important for businesses to be proactive and prepared to deal with this uncertainty. Leading Freight Forwarding and Logistics Managers in Australia understand that unpreparedness can lead to a high landed cost, detention, delay in delivery and reduced customer satisfaction. You can mitigated these risks by outsourcing air freight operations to professional air freight forwarding service providers in Australia. Air freight service providers in Australia plan in advance for fluctuations and assist you to meet your delivery timelines.

Read on to learn how professional air freight forwarding providers can assist your business be prepared for fluctuations in the air freight market.

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3PL Melbourne: How to Drive Operational Excellence with 3PL Best Practices

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 19-Apr-2016 13:41:07

3PL_Melbourne_3PL_Melbourne_How_to_Drive_Operational_Excellence_with_3PL_Best_Practices_warehouse_BCR.jpgLogistics is a highly operations centric business with a series of interconnected and well-defined activities. Driving operational excellence throughout the logistics chain remains one of the key drivers of success and this can only be achieved through the deployment of best practices. Logistics Managers face many challenges including process management, SKU (stock keeping unit) proliferation, on time delivery, workforce management, interaction among various sub-functions, which need to be overcome to ensure faster throughput, and customer satisfaction. All of these challenges need to be solved while keeping costs low.

To overcome these challenges, one needs careful planning and deployment of best practices. These best practices do not come into existence overnight; instead, they are formed through years of experience and expertise. Melbourne 3PL providers have been carefully forming these best practices through years of serving customers and can readily deploy them with minor customisations for any business. Further, Melbourne 3PLs continuously improve these best practices for the benefit of customers and assist customers in driving best-in-class operational performance.

Read on to learn how service providers of 3PL Melbourne deploy best practices in some critical areas of logistics to deliver operational excellence.

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Warehousing: Insource or Outsource to a 3PL in Sydney? Consider these 4 points

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 14-Apr-2016 10:00:00

Warehousing_Insource_or_Outsource_to_a_3PL_in_Sydney_Consider_these_4_points_Forklift_in_Warehouse_BCR.jpgA well-designed and managed warehouse is the key to perfect order fulfilment. Multiple processes are performed such as receiving, storage, value added services, cross docking, just in time inventory and freight forwarding. As supply chains have evolved, the face and purpose of a warehouse has also evolved and become more complicated and challenging. When building and managing a warehouse in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Melbourne, businesses face questions related to the ideal infrastructure, a suitable storage system, efficient material handling equipment, well defined IT-infrastructure, standardised processes and optimised inventory levels. Comprehensive answers of these questions can make your warehousing operation optimal, which leads to better order fulfilment and a higher customer satisfaction level.

Many established and experienced Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney 3PL service providers have warehousing networks to fulfil your warehousing needs irrespective of product and operation type. Whether your products need racking, surface storage, pallets or value added services, warehouses managed by experienced 3PL Sydney providers are the perfect storage and distribution destination for your products. Their team is always ready to provide solutions to your warehousing challenges.

Read on to learn how solutions provided by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney 3PL companies can fulfil your warehousing needs.


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Sea Freight Global Market Update for April 2016

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 12-Apr-2016 10:00:00

As a freight forwarder that has been serving customers for more than 120 years, BCR has experienced many different markets with regards to import sea freight to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth). As a busy Logistics or Freight Forwarding Manger, it can be challenging to stay informed on the current state of the import market. It is important to stay informed as this will assist you to plan short term shipments and plan your long term freight forwarding strategy. To assist, each month we provide you with up to date information on the import sea freight market to Australia so you can quickly stay informed.

Read on to learn more on the import sea freight market conditions to Australia for major lanes including North East Asia, South East Asia, the United States and Europe. In addition, this issue has a feature about the implementation of the SOLAS amendments which are effective from 1 July 2016. This new SOLAS regulation is mandatory and will impact all shippers.


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