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Quick Freight Forwarder Update: Learn the Vital Changes to Packing Declarations and Container Damage Reports

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 21-Feb-2017 16:23:28

As an international freight forwarder and 3PL provider, we are focused on being a source of information on matters that impact our valued customers. In this short update, quickly learn about the new format for packing declarations (mandatory to use by June 2017) and a change in container damage reports.



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International Freight Forwarding Update: February 2017

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 14-Feb-2017 14:54:40

Chinese New Year 2017 is coming to a close and the international freight forwarding market is again in flux. For imports, blank sailings have been announced as the demand for sea freight space declines, and for exports, a lack of 20’ food quality (FQ) containers is frustrating exporters.  Read on to quickly learn about the international sea freight import market and export equipment.

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Can Air Freight Australia Assist You In Meeting Your Deadlines? Yes!

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 03-Feb-2017 10:30:00

Competition, globalisation and ease of substitution have increased the complexity for Logistics Managers in Australia. They know that every missed deadline has a direct impact on the sales, brand image and business growth. Therefore, they are always under pressure when it comes to the selection of the best transportation mode to deliver their cargo securely and within the deadlines. Of the options for the transportation of products, the use of air freight to and from Australia is the best option if the goods must be delivered in a minimum timeframe. It is frequently used for carrying urgent, sensitive and time bound deliveries. Also, consider that it is the most expensive option and hence has to deliver on the purpose, which is mainly to meet the deadline. Smart business managers know that with features like high reliability, a large network, high availability and the availability of professional air freight forwarders in Australia, airfreight is the ideal transportation mode to fuldeliver their cargo on time.


Read on to learn more about on the features and services available with airfreight in Australia and how this freight forwarding service can assist you in meeting your deadline.

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Sea Freight: Blank Sailings Occurring Around Chinese NY 2017

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 02-Feb-2017 16:48:49

A frequent question we are asked around this time of year is about Blank Sailings. A Blank Sailing is when an organised group of shipping lines omit specific sailings in order to decrease capacity which increases demand and price. Many times, Blank Sailings are part of a larger program called a Slack Season Program. Will Blank Sailings be active during the 2017 Chinese New Year Period? Read on to learn more.



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Top 5 Reasons for Sea Freight Failure and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 19-Jan-2017 18:53:50

Sea freight operations allow businesses to ship their bulky cargo economically and with a lower carbon footprint. To capitalise fully on the benefits of this mode of transport, certain tasks need to be completed. If not, there is the potential they will lead to sea freight failure, which can stop managers from achieving their targets. Poorly defined incoterms, inappropriate documentation, deficient packaging, incomplete communication and spot dealing are 5 main reasons. These reasons increase cost, delay the shipment and have a negative impact on brand image. All these reasons have an individual impact on sea freight and need special knowledge and attention. Many CEOs and Operations Managers in Australia understand that these situational reasons occur frequently and outsourcing to a professional freight forwarder in Australia assists them in eliminating these reasons to avoid sea freight failure.

Read on to learn 5 reasons for sea freight failure and how a professional freight forwarder can assist your business to eliminate them.

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4 Vital Advantages Of International Air Freight Vs. Sea Freight

Posted by Anett Faustmann on 12-Jan-2017 13:34:28

Business owners are continuously weighing up the pros and cons of each transport mode with an objective to achieve economical and efficient shipping with each transaction. In addition, factors such as transit time, product type (high value vs low value, hazardous vs non-hazardous), accessibility, cargo volume, and replenishment cycles need to be considered before business professionals choose an air freight or sea freight service. Industry knowledge and awareness about the impact these factors have on your business allows Operations and Logistics Managers to select either an air freight or a sea freight forwarding service. If fast availability, high security and reliability are the priority, international air freight services are the common choice of transportation.

Read on to learn about the advantages of international air freight services and how to approach the analysis whether this is the ideal service for your business.

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4 Secrets To Make Your International Sea Freight More Economical

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 04-Jan-2017 10:34:00

Sea freight is the lowest price mode of international transportation. When it comes to bulky and regular large volume shipments, businesses mostly rely on sea freight over air freight due to economy and the flexibility that it offers. While many Operations Managers believe that they are maximising their spend on sea freight, there may be more that you can do to get more out of it. In this blog, we will share 4 lesser-known solutions for using sea freight. These secrets include opting for single-window services negotiation, using a well-drafted yearly contract, impeccable documentation and getting a door-to-door solution. Apart from making your sea freight more economical, these solutions will also assist you to make your sea freight faster, more reliable and more customer-centric.

Read on to learn about 4 secrets that may assist you to make your sea freight operation more economical.

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Manage Demand and Supply Efficiently With Providers of 3PL Brisbane

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 28-Dec-2016 10:51:39

Managing the demand and supply gap effectively is a key responsibility area (KRA) for any Operations Manager. It’s a continuous challenge which requires managing uncertainty arising due to the two main factors of demand/supply quantity fluctuations and lead time deviations. While managing demand/supply fluctuations requires Operations Managers to work closely with sales and supplier organisations, pipeline stock and transport lead time deviations can be effectively reduced by engaging closely with experienced and professional providers of 3PL Brisbane. Experienced and professional providers of 3PL Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne understand the criticality of stock accuracy and transport lead time deviations in meeting demand while keeping the cost low. They assist in managing stock accuracy at various stocking points, deciding the optimal transport mode, providing complete supply chain visibility and bringing their long-established relationship for seamless execution to ensure minimum deviations in supply plans and schedules. This provides an advantage to their customers in minimising the impact of the demand-supply gap.

Read on to learn how advanced solutions developed by providers of 3PL Brisbane can assist in managing demand and supply efficiently.

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4 Secrets to Start Making Air Freight More Economical Today

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 21-Dec-2016 12:04:47

CEOs know that among all transportation modes air freight is the most expensive. While it is more expensive, air freight has benefits for businesses in Australia that include the fastest transit time, global reach, high security, and reliability. To make the higher freight costs more efficient, there are a few industry secrets that you can use. These secrets include efficient packaging, pre-planning, CAT documentation and outsourcing to single service provider. These secrets can make your airfreight more economical without impacting service levels. While many large businesses or multinational companies (MNCs) may know these secrets, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) may not be aware.

Read on to learn 4 secret tips that can make the use of air freight forwarding more economical.

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How Does Freight Forwarding Impact Product Availability?

Posted by Scott Brunelle on 16-Dec-2016 10:05:16

Globalisation means that customers have numerous options available to them when sourcing products. If one product is not available, usually they have options to choose a product that is available. To remain competitive, a CEO or Operations Manager should ensure they have an ample amount of product available to fulfil demand, whether planned or unplanned. These products may be raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products. To ensure sufficient stock requires a controlled and continuous product flow in the supply chain. In supply chain, product availability is impacted by various factors. However, among all the numerous factors, freight forwarding has the highest impact if you are buying and selling globally. Leading CEOs and Operation Managers understand that freight forwarding incorporates all transportation modes, including sea freight and air freight along with custom clearance at origin and destination. Mismanagement of freight can disrupt the product flow and impact availability. A proficiently managed freight forwarding operation assists CEOs and Operations Managers to have continuous product flow throughout the supply chain and have perfect availability.

Read on to learn the impact of freight forwarding on product availability and how managing it proficiently will assist your business.

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